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KENYA-is the cradle of mankind for all sorts of Safaris in Africa. It’s the museum of wildlife, beautiful scenery, culture and beaches beyond imagination. It’s rich in tourist attraction sites, rare birds and mammals which are not found anywhere in the world hence rating it as an incredible Safari destination.

It’s clear that more opportunities and travel products are enjoyed by majority of visitors in addition to the uniqueness which ranges from the torques warm crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, Parks, Reserves, Rift valley, Lakes, Rivers to the highest elevation of Mount Kenya and the land that rolls from the peak of its mountain to the open grassland making it a paradise beyond human imagination.

SOKOKE PIPIT-Anthus sokokensis

SOKOKE- is a Bantu word from the Giriama tribe among the Mijikenda people from the Coastal lowland of Kenya which means Red clay soil.

Pipit-Genus –Anthus(Titlarks or fieldlark) is an essential bird of woodland mostly found on seacoast and grassland along lakes and rivers.Sokoke pipit has been confirmed to be an endemic species among the special bird species found in Arabuko Sokoke forest’s  Brachystegia woodland.

SOKOKE PIPIT ECOLOGICAL SAFARIS is an ecotourism friendly tour firm run by a local long time experienced (KPSGA BRONZE LEVEL)Professional guide with a big passion in wildlife ,birds, forest walks ,adventures, culture and an Ambassador to bird watching trips in East Africa. The company was established to suit personalized, family and groups needs to enjoy ecological friendly tours and safaris in parks, reserves, bush land and experience a great importance in conserving the biodiversity.

The company was basically formed by an experienced guide with high quality research skills, wide range of knowledge in Mountains, Rainforests, Marine life and the savanna


SOKOKE PIPIT ECOLOGICAL SAFARIS operates from Watamu- Kenya. The main office is located at Jiweleupe, 30metres from the white rock land mark along Watamu- Temple point road.

The company also offers tours and travel services in East Africa. Book your holiday and Safaris and enjoy the excitement, skills, knowledge and services from the well trained guides.

Join them, Follow them and get the value of your money and desired interest. All our esteemed customers are welcome.



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