Birding Safaris


Bird watching is an event that impresses many people and keeps growing everyday not only in Kenya but across the world. It’s enjoyed by both the youth and the old people. This is a hobby that is enigmatic, creates job opportunities and promotes friendship. It helps bird watchers to learn and recognize birds, enjoy their habits and habitats across all nations. Besides being a hobby it also helps in studying, conserving and maintaining the ecosystem as birds are a great environmental indicators. Kenya is a fantastic bird watching place due to its uniqueness of combined habitats from the seashores, grasslands, forests to the mountains.

Kenya is a famous avitourism destination and its rated number 19 in the world. It has about—-bird species and it’s one of the important bird’s migratory corridors.

Sokoke pipit Ecological Safaris is an ecotourism tour company focused on meeting all desired interests in wildlife and offering both local and international ornithologists a chance to enjoy special birding, general birding or bird research. Birding tours can be furnished according to client’s personal interest from the company’s proposed itinerary.

Kenya Important Bird Areas are rich in birds including endemic species.

Enjoy the beauty and ability of birds in decorating the environment. Listen and admire their amazing calls.


Join them, follow them and book your birding Safari with our expert and experienced bird guides.